Parasha With Passion Weekly Torah Inspirations


Parasha With Passion is a complete commentary of Torah readings expressing the Father’s heart; inspiring, love, intimacy, motivation, inspiration, encouragement, and deep-devotion towards God. Please enjoy this complete cycle of inspirational Torah readings.”

About Parasha With Passion Annual Torah Reading Cycle

There are 54 weekly parshahs in an annual Torah reading cycle and the full cycle is read over the course of one year. Each weekly Torah portion takes its name from the first distinctive word in the Hebrew text of the Torah portion, often from the first verse. “

Weekly Torah Reading Cycle:

Bereishit (The Beginning)

Noach (Noah)

Lecha-Lecha (Get Yourself Out)

Vayera (He Appeared)

Chayei Sara (The Life of Sarah)

Toldot (History)

Vayetzei (He Went Out)

Vayshlach (He Sent)

Vayeshev (He Continued Living)

Miketz (At The End)

Vayigash (He Approached)

Vayechi (He Lived)

Shemot (Names)

Va’era (I Appeared)

Bo (Go)

Beshalach (After He Had Let Go)

Yitro (Jethro)

Mishpatim (Rulings)

Terumah (Contributions)

Tetzaveh (You Are To Order)

Ki Tisa (When You Take)

Vayakhel (He Assembled)

Pekudei (Accounts)

Vayikra (He Called)

Tzav (Give An Order)

Shmini (Eight)

Tazria (She Bears Seed)

Metzora (Afflicted One)

Pesach A (Passover)

Pesach B (Passover)

Achrei Mot (After The Death)

Kedoshim (Holy Ones)

Emor (Speak)

Behar-Bechulotai (On Mount /By My Regulations)

Bamidbar (Wilderness)

Naso (To Lift Up / To Elevate)

Beha’alotcha (To Set-Up)

Sh’lach-L’cha I (Send Forth) – Part I

Sh’lach-L’cha II (Send Forth) – Part II

Korach (Korah)

Chukat (Regulations)


Pinchas (Part I)

Pinchas (Part II)

Matot -Masei (Tribes-Journey)

Devarim (Words)

Va’etchanan (And I Pleaded)

Eikev (Because)

Re’eh (You See)

Shoftim (Judges)

Ki Teitzei (When You Go Out)

Ki Tavo (When You Come In)

Nitzavim (Standing)

Vayeilech (He Went)

Ha’Azinu (Hear)

Vezot Haberakhah (And This Is The Blessing)

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